Monongalia County Seal

Monongalia County Ordinances

To view the following ordinances you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. An accessible version of Acrobat Reader is available here. An official signed copy is available through the Office of the County Clerk.


Vicious Dog Ordinance - Adopted December 13, 2017

Ordinance Regulating Soliciting Panhandling - Adopted August 4, 2010

Monongalia County Billing Ordinance for Volunteer Fire Departments - Adopted March 10, 2004. (Amendment to the above titled ordinance dated January 20, 2016)

Prohibiting Smoking in County Owned and Operated Properties; Defining Terms; Establishing Penalties for Violation - Adopted December 18, 1990.

Restricting Dogs from Running at Large - Adopted June 22, 1995.

Regulating the Repair, Alteration, Improvement, Vacating, Closing, Removal or Demolition of Unsafe or Unsanitary Structures and the Clearance and Removal of Refuse, Debris, Overgrown Vegetation, Toxic Spills or Toxic Seepage on Private Land - Adopted June 27, 2001. (Amendment to the above titled ordinance dated June 27, 2001)

Creating Planning Districts within Unincorporated Area of Monongalia County - Adopted October 1, 2003. (Ordinance to separate from the March 18, 1999 ordinance creating the Monongalia County Planning Commission)

Monongalia County Planning Commission - Adopted October 1, 2004. (Amendment to the ordinance dated March 18, 1999)

Monongalia County Tower Ordinance - Adopted September 7, 2005 and amended on April 17, 2002. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Monongalia County Planning Commission.

Monongalia County Flood Plain Ordinance - Adopted December 23, 2009.